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Tourist Agent to Franchise: Step by Step

The first step is always going to be selected as Tourist Agent for your destination. As a Tourist Agent your main task is to write the best online guide to your city. What is the best Italian restaurant? What can parents do with their children? How I can get there by train? Where are the bars? Your guide will provide the answers and more.

You will advise on private accommodation and will solve any doubts or questions from customers. All in order to offer the best selection of accommodation and best tourist service in your area.

Once the guide is full of information and receives a good amount of accommodation reservations, you will have demonstrated your abilities as a Travel Agent. Now you can think about the next step ... Becoming one of our Franchises!

As a Franchise you double the amount of commission you receive for each booking. It's like your own business but with the experience and knowledge of our team supporting you all the time. Many people are just living off a Franchise of their destination with You can be the next!

Which are the differences between the two models?

Franchise Agent
Costasur Commission 50% 25%
Responsible for content in the guide
Local contact at destination
Booking Management
Direct contact with owners
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