Who can be a tourist agent in your destination « Tourist Agents

¿Which tasks are performed by an agent?

The relationship between network of agents, and the core is based on teamwork and long-term commitment. To summarize here we tell you about how the life cycle of a Tourist Agent. The cycle takes place in several stages:

Initially it's the creation and development of their tourist guide at Costasur.com. This step is done entirely online in collaboration with a core advisor and should last a few months.

The Agent is a link between local service providers (private accommodation rentals, hotels, tourism businesses) and central handles registering them on the Web.

After establishing the business and start generating significant revenue, the Agent maintains the information in the guidebook and extends agreements with local providers. It's the stability phase, and the longest.

¿How long it takes to generate income?

Destinations usually give almost immediate income (1 or 2 months). But for establishing the business and being able to turn it on your main income only, the estimated period is half a year, depending on the peak season at the destination. For example, if an Agent starts writing his guide in November, he/she should see significant revenue in spring (summer destinations).

How does the Agent benefit?

The Agent receives a portion of the commission of all services provided for Costasur in his/her destination. An interesting touristically destination generates income that usually allows you to start your own business and becomes perfectly into a full time job, very well paid.

Can we go further?

Of course! Those destinations with a big potential require an Agent who handles directly tourists reservations taking part an integral collaboration model Of course! Those destinations with great potential require even to be managed directly by an Agent who handles tourists reservations leading to a comprehensive partnership model: Franchise Costasur.com. In the medium term it usually has local office in the destination and its own team during the peak season for tourists attention.